Take My Money and Shut It, Spotify

I listen to music in phases. Pop songs for a week, queue classical music, then the regular Pink Floyd revival… This month’s phase was: “no music whatsoever,” and my premium Spotify account was going to waste. Bam, cancelled. What was I paying for anyway? It hit me a few weeks later.

The cycle had gone round and I was listening to my old playlists again. I’m bobbing my head getting into a flow as the first advertisement hits… “I can live with it,” I thought, so I tried for a few days. Here’s what I’ve concluded: Spotify, take my money. Anyone who gives me the choice between ads and paying, take my money now. Here’s why.

They’re Getting My Money Anyway

There’s a reason companies pay to run ads. They know they’ll make it back, and more, in increased sales. Those sales wouldn’t have happened otherwise. That’s money I wouldn’t have spent—but was convinced to through remarkable perseverance.

Ads sound like someone is doing me a favor by bringing amazing deals to my attention, but really, an ad is just a company’s way of asking for money. So in the case of Spotify, I can either give my money upfront, or get constantly asked to do so—with no end in sight.

“Why don’t you buy a new car? Look at this sound system, it’s better than yours. Come onnnnn, at least let me save you money on insurance! Not now? Fine, listen to this. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” No free service is worth being harassed.