Whole World Writing

There’s something stopping me from writing with the intention of publishing on the web. It’s silly because, well, nobody really reads what I’m writing anyway. But anybody could, and that’s always in the back of my mind.

The voice in my head says “since anybody can read it, it has to be as good as something that everybody would want to read.” Which is nonsense. I don’t believe that intellectually. If I can write something that affects a single other person positively, that’s great. That’s a win. Even if it doesn’t, or nobody reads it, or everybody hates it, that’s still a win because it helps me shape and articulate an idea.

But no matter what I think or believe, I feel as if I can’t survive a single person judging what I write negatively. Because shyness isn’t rational. Because really that’s what it is: I’m shy. I worry about what other people think of me much more than is useful.

As self-conscious as I feel in groups, or when I’m writing to the entire world [sic], I generally feel very comfortable talking to just 1 or 2 people at a time. So my writing hack today has been to write like I would a good friend.